About me

So I’m a senior at the University of Mary Washington and actually this year alone have created more blogs than I ever have in my life because of the requirement of different classes. Currently my second senior seminar is called ‘Digital History’ taught by Professor Jeffrey McClurken. He warned me last semester when I was signing up for classes that this class would be very different and work-heavy. He was not wrong by any stretch of the imagination. While even more than halfway through the semester I am still getting used to setting my own deadlines and actually adhering to them … this is what the real world is going to be very soon for me.

This class, with its musings, are assignments, but I think I am finally coming around to seeing how it can be helpful to put my frustrations and successes down to ‘digital paper’ if you will and have others read and see what similar issues they are going through. Here’s to professors pushing students beyond their comfort zones and getting them to see what they are actually capable of. Is that not why we are in a learning environment? To learn something, whether about ourselves or our past as a society?