How about that..

Yesterday, Monday, was Research and Creativity Day. An interesting day for me because I’ve now been battling a cold for almost a week and with two presentations yesterday and hardly any voice, I thought it was going to be a rough time of it. The audience luckily was able to hear me (as far as I know) because it consisted of my fellow group members, Dr. McClurken, the chair and the psychology group presenting. All the same, it was nice to be able to tell some people other than my lovely classmates (who have been listening to us graciously all semester) about our project that we’ve been working all semester on.

Technical difficulties – we could not stay connected to the internet. I know we will be presenting in the Great Hall again come Symposium Day, so I can only hope that the internet will be working because it is kind of essential to our project. Something to keep in mind come Symposium day, though it may not be ideal, a powerpoint with snapshots of webpages might have to suffice in the absence of a decent internet connection. Though no one would be able to show off the interactivity that we’ve all been working so hard on, hopefully people after hearing about these four projects would be willing to go check out the websites themselves; especially when they have spiffy business cards that we all have provided them.

It’s hard to believe that we are now in the home stretch of working on last minute details and finishing up our websites, and I hardly want to say it is anticlimatic; however it does not really feel like the end of the semester is upon us. It will be interesting definitely to see what the final websites look like after we have all put in so much of our effort, frustrations and probably more than a few choice words. 🙂 Good luck everyone on this home stretch!


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  1. kokoro Says:

    The room we were originally going to present in didn’t even have internet, so we had to move to another room. That connection was a bit slow, so it kept throwing off what I wanted to say. I’m a little apprehensive to hear that the internet in the Red Room was having problems too. That’s not good! I’d hate to have to show off snap shots, since we all know that it’s rarely any fun to watch THOSE kinds of presentations unless the speaker is really good.