Omeka…in a whole other language

So, in my ever-growing frustrations of trying to make our lovely beginnings of a timeline interactive, I came across an interesting tidbit of information…

‘Omeka’ means ‘to display or lay out goods or wares’ … in Swahili. How cool is that? Just something that I thought y’all might find interesting, why the name ‘Omeka’ was given to this particular tool we are using.

Back to my frustrations, I am currently in the process of trying to make a link clickable in the actual timeline. I figured out how to embed a hyperlink into Google spreadsheets, but that does not help me out much, because it doesn’t translate onto the website.  (An aside, to embed a hyperlink, in a cell:

1) =hyperlink(“url”,”title”)

2)the url is the image url that you have

3)the title is what you want to have show up

When I do this the title shows up in the bubble under “image url” but it is not clickable. Now, I’m wondering if this is possible? In communication with DTLT to find out. Anyone else have better luck, or did y’all decide that you wanted to just keep the url so they can copy/paste into a new tab? (confusing and such to a potential user of our site…) I will update when I make more progress.

PS – in case you need a dance break


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2 Responses to “Omeka…in a whole other language”

  1. Murphy Says:

    So, Patrick emailed me back and following is the relevant code to put a link in the bubble part of the timeline!


    the ‘image’ part is the title of the link, which is interchangeable – ive changed it to ‘link to letters’

    pretty nifty, huh?

  2. sleffert Says:

    That’s interesting about the name of Omeka! Unfortunately my group isn’t using Omeka so i’m completely clueless when it comes to hyperlinks and such. Go to Patrick?! Good luck!