Going digital

A word first, congratulations to the images group for launching their site. From what I’ve seen so far, it looks great.

A second word about technology use – I think its good that we are moving into the internet age. I’m in the process of re-scanning a few pages of letters that are missing and while fighting with the microfilm scanner last night I was thinking about how obsolete (within the next few years) that that will be. Databases and archives are all getting digitized onto the internet and wikipedia.org is trying to build an online encyclopedia and soon our frustrations will all be over. Or will they? Maybe new frustrations down the road will become more clear, but all I can say for now is that I won’t miss loading microfilm reels onto a scanner that doesn’t like to cooperate.


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2 Responses to “Going digital”

  1. kokoro Says:

    I haven’t had the “pleasure” of dealing with microfilm yet. In fact, I’ve always found the idea a little intimidating. Silly, I know. I’m not sure that I see microfilm becoming obsolete anytime soon. Of course, digital archives are awesome, but part of what our class is about is learning how digitizing is all well and good, but there are a lot complexities and problems that come with it.

  2. clevine Says:


    Thank you for the recognition we really appreciate it. I haven’t dealt with Mircrofilm since…I think I was in Middle School, it is no fun. I hope that you can get through it and come out with an end result that will be beneficial to your project. Unfortunately, so many of these older documents are on microfiche so there is hardly a way to get around it. Keep up the good work. -Caryn